Reduce cell phone & social media.
Create time in your life for health & fitness.

Conquering Social Media

Addiction Statistics for Cell Phone Abuse are Staggering

  • The typical cell phone user touches his or her phone 2,617 times every day.
  • Most people, on average, spend 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones each day.
  • Half of all phone pickups happen within 3 minutes of a previous one.

The Impact of Cell Phone Abuse is Destructive:

  • Reducing the quality of conversations.
  • Adversely impacting short-term memory and problem solving.
  • Negatively affecting our sleep patterns.
  • Resulting in more negativity, distress, and less emotional recovery in young children, teenagers and adults.
  • Competes with time that you should be active. Proven to increasing obesity.
  • There is a giant correlation between Cell Phone Addiction and depression.

Dr Shav will give you a Custom Plan to Reduce Cell Phone Addiction, Guaranteed, that includes:

  1. Setting a longer Passcode.
  2. Using Grayscale or Black and White.
  3. Setting daily limits on certain App Time.
  4. Setting aside times in your day when you do not use your cell phone.
  5. Staying away from your phone after posting anything on social media.
  6. Turn off notifications or keep them to a minimum.
  7. Leave your phone in the bag while at home, work, or school.
  8. Don’t use your cell phone before bedtime.
  9. Don’t charge your phone at bedside.
  10. Put aside your cell phone when you walk into your home.
  11. Put a hair band around your phone.

Our success rate is over 90%.


Brain Health.
Eat your meals with the opposite hands.

Brain Health

The Brain Fitness Score

Although the brain is complex and vulnerable, it remains adaptive and treatable at any stage and age of life. Treatment must be customized to the individual and monitored and coached as one changes over time and circumstances.

The Brain Fitness Score has many elements that differ in health and fitness individually. They are:

  1. Brain Tissue Health
  2. Sleep Habits
  3. Memory
  4. Exercise Habits
  5. Human Movement
  6. Mood
  7. Executive Function
  8. Inner Peace
  9. Adaptability
  10. Brain Wiring

A Brief Interview or Quiz will reveal your Brain Fitness Score, which will allow us to develop your custom Brain Health Plan that will get us started.

This part of the Dr Shav Health Coaching Plan is Guaranteed to Be 100% Successful.


Do 3 sit-ups 20 times during the day.

Custom Exercise Habits

Dr. Shav, with his background as a Podiatric Surgeon, Biomechanist, Human Movement Guru, and Certified Group Trainer, is especially gifted in getting couch potatoes, weekend warriors, and serious athletes committed, focused, and successful when it comes to developing a custom exercise program that they can follow with his support and coaching.

  1. Your program will involve personal fun and satisfaction.
  2. We will set personal goals that fit your desires and abilities that lead to success.
  3. You decide if your program is performed alone, in group setting or varied.
  4. Location will be chosen. At home, a gym, outdoors or varied.
  5. Custom safe and injury free start with added time, stress or weight.
  6. Custom % of aerobic vs strength training using machines, free weights, resistance bands, yoga, walking, running sports.
  7. Health state, age, available time, equipment, economics are considered for long term success.
  8. Goals include improved stability, support, strength, symmetry and balance from the ground up integratively (fall prevention, performance enhancement, complaints/pain in the feet and posture).
  9. Custom schedule of exercise/rest/recovery.
  10. Personal support, monitoring and regulation of the program over time.
  11. Personal Training if needed short or long term.
  12. Sports coaching as need.

Where other trainers in Tampa have failed or even produced injury or disability with their programs, Dr. Shav has awesome success at SNAP Fitness.


Reduce white foods.
Drink more water.


Dr. Shav was the Podiatrist and Health Coach for a Waldorf/Rudolph Steiner Community for 22 years in upstate New York.

His take on diets and nutrition incorporates custom programs that allow flexibility that reduce the stress and strictness that exist in yoyo and failed diets.

Goals include:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Losing measurements
  3. Youthfulness
  4. Increased energy for living life
  5. Improved performance
  6. Converting disapproving friends and family keeping you from succeeding
  7. Keeping nutrition a small portion of your time and energy

General Guidelines and Rules:

  1. Reducing white foods
  2. Reducing processed foods
  3. Increasing dietary fiber
  4. Reducing fried foods
  5. Portion control
  6. Salads, vegetables, and fruits you like to eat
  7. Creating custom diets built on client habits and needs

Dr Shav, a Certified Health Coach, declares, “if you lose 2 pounds a week while establishing healthy nutritional habits, you will have lost 50 pounds and gained a new way of eating you can maintain.”


Stress reduction. 3.5.3 lungs breathing 4 times today.
3 seconds inhale… 5 seconds hold… 3 seconds exhale.

Stress Reduction

Dr. Shav, with his background as a holistic and integrative practitioner, has always maintained Stress Reduction as a key component of health and fitness. Research has proven that health, wellness and fitness programs often add to stress over diet and sleepless nights that lessen success.

Chronic stress can have lasting consequences for our physical and mental well-being. It produces mood swings. If you feel stressed about your job, your finances, or a relationship, you may find it difficult to focus on your sleep quality, eating or exercise habits. Basically, your three-month weight loss goal is going to have a tough time against that pint of ice cream or the drink you’ve been craving.

First, Dr Shav will coach you to find the time and creating the space to care for yourself that is the start of his stress reduction program. His plans then fill that
time and space to your advantage.

He may organize and support you to:

  • Make your bed to start the day
  • Stop “doing it all”
  • Prioritize your tasks
  • Break projects down to smaller tasks
  • Add a breathing/meditation practice
  • Eliminate doings things you dislike
  • Reduce negative people in importance in your life
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Start a new hobby or sport
  • Start a new exercise routine
  • Create or join a community for new contacts and friends

What makes Dr Shav so special is that all aspects of his health coaching are designed to minimize stress for success.


Human movement.
Jog 15 feet, six times per day.

Healthy Lifestyle

Dr. Shav, as a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon, biomechanist, and human movement specialist, knows how to improve Stability, Support, Strength, Symmetry, and Balance. This enables you to live a lifestyle filled with more fun, less injury, and better performance for the rest of your life.

A Healthy Lifestyle (HL) is the foundation of Dr Shav’s nurturing coaching. A fit lifestyle improves sleep habits and brain health. It is a stress reducer and time manager. You will meet new people and create the positive support system we all need. You will become a more confident and independent you.

Decades ago, Dr Shav invented an exclusive algorithm called Foot Centering Biomechanics based on one’s stability, support, strength, symmetry, and balance needs and demands for standing, walking, and tasking efficiently and injury-free for a lifetime. His biomechanics starts from the ground up and includes the posture and brain function integratively and holistically.

After diagnosing your foot and body types, Dr Shav uses four main tools to develop and implement a surefire plan of lifestyle for you:

  • Foot Centering Wedges
  • Kinesiology Tape Applications
  • Dynamic Foot Braces (beyond orthotics)
  • Compensatory Threshold Training

Adjusting and repairing your Stability, Support, Strength, Symmetry, and Balance will change your life as never before. It will steer your functional life in a seamless, beneficial way that you can easily adjust to.

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